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Jim Newland

Subject: The Real War
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The most ironic thing about this whole war with the Muslim world that's been initiated is that it benefits only one party: our common enemy. What do I mean? I mean that the forces that have tormented and wronged the believing Muslim world enough to cause them to take the extreme actions they have are the same forces that have tormented and wronged us for so many years (and that have driven some Americans, like Tim McVeigh, to similar acts). It is not America per se, as represented in the moral principles that (should) guide her and her Constitution, that have wronged other nations and that these other nations hate--that this is so can be seen by the goodwill other nations have borne us until recently. It's been the *perversion* of those principles and the *corruption* of morals that has led to the problems.

That's why I say that, properly understood, we constitutionalists and traditionalists are natural allies of those we happen to be currently at war with. It's only been bin Laden and company's misapplication of blame that has led to the current situation (leaving the matter of Israel, if we may, aside for the moment). They attacked the wrong target, at least insofar as they conceived of themselves as attacking "America" and "Americans" in general. What they meant to attack was the same atheistic, globalist, sovereignty-destroying element that we ourselves hate. But that atheistic, globalist, sovereignty-destroying element has succeeded in passing itself off as genuinely and legitimately American, so now we're paying the price.

(I am not excusing the downing of the towers, btw, as some people always hysterically conclude. I'm simply saying that both the Muslim world and we have played and continue to play beautifully into the real enemy's hands.)

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