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Marc V. Ridenouer

Subject: How to survive the com ing sh*tstorm?
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I have read Tom Chittum's CIVIL WAR TWO and the other books of a similar theme and quite frankly I am at my wit's end. How can we preopare to survive this Mother Of All Sh*tstorms? Would appreciate any feedback.

Will S.

RE: How to survive the com ing sh*tstorm?
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I'm afraid I haven't read Civil War Two, but I've read a bit about it, including an essay by VFR's own Jim Kalb, which may be helpful:

One thing in America's favour is that the only minority groups which have large, well-defined, geographically contiguous areas with which they identify as theirs and not also others', are Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans; the rest of the minority groups (blacks, Amerindians, Asians, etc.) either have no such geographical territory with which they strongly identify as their own exclusively, or in the case of the Amerindians, have only relatively small, isolated pockets of such territories. So although Amerindians could be secessionist, such is highly impractical, and even the most radical of them must admit that. And black Americans dissatisfied with the status quo can always leave for African and Caribbean countries - if they'll be admitted. Hence I doubt separatism of either black Americans or Amerindians (or Asians, etc.) is much of a threat. But the Mexican reconquista is a real threat, one with which America will soon have to deal with - both radical Mexican-Americans and Mexican government officials are calling for reconquista: (lots of useful resources here)

Similarly the Puerto Ricans could demand independence - in which case I see no reason to keep them in America against their will; frankly, I'm not sure I see the value to America of the present arrangement... (As an English-Canadian, by historical circumstances having to deal with Quebec's erstwhile separatist inclinations, having to deal with issues of bilingualism, etc.; I am sorry to see America sucked into the same sorts of potential situations with Hispanic-Americans that we Canadians are in with our francophone minority, which could have been more easily avoided in your land, given the formerly completely political unnecessariness of taxpayer-funded Spanish-language education, etc. in America. You could have avoided our problems, had you but paid attention to our mess and learned the right lessons from it. Now, "bilingual education" (i.e. Spanish education) is entrenched in many areas in California and the southwest, and politicians won't dare remove it; it continues to expand daily... And so now you Americans have your own other-language, other-ethnicity political separatist movement, just like us crazy Canucks - oops!)

But though the secession of non-Mexican and non-Puerto-Rican minorities may not be a threat, certainly the broader point it seems Chittum's novel raises is a real one; how whites and others will relate to each other in the future in America... Things could and likely will get even uglier than they are today... In Mr. Kalb's own bleak words in the essay mentioned above:

Those dissatisfied with the present order of things should therefore not expect a cataclysm to sweep it away anytime soon, and must be prepared for a long and difficult struggle, with no guarantee for any particular outcome.

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