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Napoleon I

Subject: Paleorepublican
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Fellow counterrevolutionaries:

I would like to bring up for debate a proposal I have concerning what the label should be for school of thought (a) within the counterrevolution.

See for reference:

I propose the label paleorepublican instead of paleoconservative for several reasons. The republic founded in 1789 was not a conservative regime; it was a democratic republic, not as democratic as today, but still a democracy. Tocqueville tells us this. Locke and Jefferson were not conservatives, and I don't think anyone would call them conservative today. The pre-1861 and pre-FDR regimes were inarguably republics, but arguably not conservative. Therefore, republican would be a more accurate adjective to use.
Also, I would like to see this school of thought extend to those advocating a return to the pre-1960's regime as there are many of those around.

If you disagree with any of the above I would like to hear your argument.

Finally, I hope that more discussion will occur at this important forum. I don't want to see it go the route a.r.c. went.

Let's continue the struggle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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