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Subject: Finally A Strategy!
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This is a copy of one of my other posts with minor changes...

In the following I attempt to offer a strategy for a true conservative revival:

I doubt we can dump the fashionable, populist part of conservatism. But talking parrots aren't the problem. America was too well off to care about culture or paleocon theory, until recently, thanks in no small part to Lawrence v. Texas. Paleos and reactionaries must convince Americans that the Republican party in its present form lacks moral judgement. This is the angle paleos need to get into the debate.

Because paleocons and reactionaries are visionaries they tend to make poor politicians and consequently little headway because people aren't ready for their uncompromising ideology...Unless it's Christian ideology. I believe if Paleos and reactionaries court the Christian right they could get a formidable base; the numbers are there. Paleos and the Christian right have too much in common to let minor differences such as support of Israel stand in their way of bringing about a true conservative revival.

Buchannan's Reform party flopped because he failed to follow America's unwritten two-party law. If paleos prove themselves capable of offering sound economic, defense, and foreign policies within the Republican party, they will become a legitimate alternative to the neo-conservatives. Buchanan's magazine seems bent on doing just this, however to court the Christian right, it needs more of a Christian theme. And it needs to be perhaps not outright Zionist, but at least not distasteful to strong supporters of Israel.

It is nothing less than the internal struggle for control of the Republican Party. If paleos play their cards right, they could wind up as the Republicans to trust when it comes to speaking out against gay high schools, same-sex marriage, and an uncompromising pro-Christian stance. All the Anglo-American concerns would be secondary, but nonetheless there.

But the angle, I believe, is the Christian right. After all, conservatism without Christianity is nothing more than skepticism of change. And we all know where that has gotten us...


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