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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Subject: Will Bush’s desire for democracy in Iraq succeed?
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If you haven’t come to the conclusion yet, the Bush administration's desire to transplant anti-racist, consumerist democracy in Iraq isn’t part of a hidden agenda of worldwide Restoration. There are several reasons I believe their attempt will fail anyway:

* The anti-racist morons have once again refused to take race into account when doing anything. The fanatical Arabs who are fanatically opposing the U.S. military in Iraq are one group in whom I don't think we'll see any change of mood anytime soon. Sure, there are some Iraqis who were glad to see Saddam go, but by and large, they're not happy that the U.S. is in Iraq. I think if John Adams was observing this he would say peace will not come back to this land until another tyrant takes control.

* One should never forget geopolitics. There is something about the Tigris-Euphrates valley that from the beginning of time has had a sort of spiritual aspect to it, such that one cannot look at that region without seeing the Divine hand ultimately choosing what happens there, rather than the interests of Halliburton, Colin Powell, and Texaco.

* Have you seen the new Iraqi flag introduced by the U.S.-backed governing council? It looks rather childish and humdrum. You will also notice the three Arab colors taken out: red, green and black. All other Arab countries have these three colors in their flags. It's like they're trying completely to rebuild a brand new society and a new people. One reason the French Revolution failed and the American succeeded I think is that the French tried to redo society totally, whereas the American was more sensible in its agenda. This new world order and new flag will not work here.

For those wanting specifics I am willing to go on record here and predict that the Iraqi democracy will be an obvious and undeniable failure in no more than 5 years from the date of this post. Furthermore, the June 30 pullout of U.S. troops is clearly bogus; they probably will be there much longer. But staying there longer will not improve matters; it will only lengthen this terribly ill-fated military operation.

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