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Sunday, May 30, 2004
Subject: Reasonable site-some unreasonable links
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Your Anti-Feminism page is pretty well thought out and makes common-sense assertions; but, some of the sites that you link to on that page do not.

The 'Misogyny Unlimited' webpage is maintained by a man who obviously hates women, period, and has very few realistic points to make, besides pseudo-intellectual babble that masks his contempt for women and his own asexuality. He has never even had a relationship with a woman, by his admission.

The list of quotes he has from various sources are extremely generalized and go to the extreme of what anyone would be able to believe about women.
Quotes paraphrased saying in part: "Women never love, only seek to be loved, so show men tenderness because they pity men and feel remorse at being unable to love him." Being married your self and presumably a reasonable person; could you actually believe unbelievable garbage like that? I mean some of these quotes are saying that women are incapable of loving men.

To me, as a man, pages like Misogyny Unlimited and men who ever could espouse some of those beliefs, are just as bad as radical Feminists.

Jim Kalb

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
RE: Reasonable site-some unreasonable links
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I agree that you shouldn't look at MU to find reasonable material. Still, when you're dealing with something like the sexes and their relations that can't be altogether understood even caricatures and over-the-top complaints tell you something. That's especially true I think when they come from an unfashionable direction. So I think it makes sense to include the link.

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