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(4/12/02 3:35 am)
NWO self-styled justice
Overview by Rep. Ron Paul . The International Criminal Court was reported to have taken effect yesterday. It is to be modeled after the current Slobodan Milosevic showtrial. If you have heard about how Milosevic's trial is being conducted, this should be alarming: Secret evidence, judicial misconduct, cross-examinations being cut off, paid secret informants and witnesses, no access to legal materials to prepare his defense, etc. In one stuning example, a list of Albanians to be executed was presented by the prosectutor along with commentary from the purported discoverer of said list (who was known not to be in Kosovo at the alleged time of discovery). Milosevic simply points out that the list reads like this in Serbian: "List at people to being kills by we troops". As soon as the implication of Milosevic's revelation dons on the judge, Milosevic's mic is cut mid-sentence and a two-day break is ordered. Milosevic wasn't allowed continue his examination after the the trial resumes. Obviously this is a travesty.

It has been poined out that the international court can be used to silence religious leaders by hauling them to the court for opposing abortion, etc. It has very vague and mysterious definitions of human rights and abuses in its language. It seems to me that this court could be radically expanded into an Soviet-style show trial machine. Any thoughts?

(4/12/02 6:52 am)
Re: NWO self-styled justice
It seems like other international human rights efforts--vague, and extraordinarily broad, declarations of authority coupled with limited current practical effect because the world is after all not in fact one.

Jim Kalb and

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