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(4/21/02 4:50 am)
Protesters Flooding the IRS with bogus 1040 tax returns.
There is a terrible campaign under way by the name of "Drown the IRS 2003." It is organized on the web by an angry group of over-taxed, bitter libertarians. We must do everything we can to stop them. They are planning to send millions of bogus 1040 tax returns to the IRS next tax year. They are going to use freely-available W2 templates, social security numbers (SSNs), and employer identification numbers (EINs). They hope to swamp the IRS with their own paperwork.

This is a danger to our huge-government, socialist way of life. These dangerous freedom-lovers must be stopped. Life without a massive, all-powerful Federal Government is unthinkable. Please forward this warning to as many friends as possible. We must get the word out to as many people as possible in order to stop them.

The most disturbing part of this campaign is that it’s advocates have seized the moral high ground. They argue that they are following a creative, nonviolent, Gandhian form of civil disobedience, while the IRS pursues its agenda with jack-booted violence, brutality, property seizures, imprisonment, and other forms of physical terror. This point is one that we must work to obscure.

Here is a sample of their individualist propaganda. Decide for yourself how threatening it is to our system of punitive taxation and income redistribution: “Government is a system of institutionalized theft. All people can be divided into two groups. (A) the builders, the innovators, the creators, the entrepreneurs. They bring dynamic change and wealth to our economy. Their reward is oppressive taxation. These are the net tax-payers. (B) the socialist destroyers, bureaucrats and their constituency, the complainers, the lazy and unmotivated They suffocate the real economy with taxes and regulation. They are the parasites. These are the net tax-beneficiaries. When the parasites out-number the self-sufficient achievers, the democratic system self-destructs like in most Latin American countries. The answer is to start ignoring government.”

(4/21/02 4:24 pm)
Re: Protesters Flooding the IRS with bogus 1040 tax returns.
I notice you've posted this to a number of other boards. I won't delete it, though, because I think it does raise an issue, the extent to which we should all cooperate with the modern state.

The idea of flooding the IRS with fake returns strikes me as stupid. The feds are going to get their money, and if they can't be nice and get it they'll be nasty and get it. In Europe, at least the Latin countries, everyone cheats on taxes as much as possible but the state continues to grow by doing whatever necessary to feed itself.

Still it's a question. The traditional Christian view is that you should obey the law even if it's stupid or wrong as long as it doesn't command you to do evil. But that view arose when the state did far less than it attempts to do now.

How do you apply it when one of the basic purposes of the legal system is to transform social relations in really horrible ways, for example by attempting to abolish the social relevance of gender? Do you avoid situations, like making employment decisions, in which you'd have to choose between furthering the project and ignoring legal obligations? The network of regulation extends to so much it, though, that it seems you'd have to avoid a great many things.

Jim Kalb and

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