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Richard Drozd
Registered User
(3/7/02 2:40 pm)
Reply a wasteland
I say this because it seems evident to me that any attempt to restore Christian civilization in America's increasingly totalitarian culture will be quixotic at best and suicidal at worst. The bulk of the population has been thoroughly de-Christianized and appears content to accept the (currently) benign slavery of group-think as the Federal regime intrudes more and more into our lives and thoughts. From a pre-Vatican II Catholic perspective I believe the practice of my faith and the continued existence of this culture are incompatible--one or the other must perish. Since the Church is indestructible America, as it has been historically understood for more than two centuries, will disappear. >>The Left's drive to crush all effective remnants of Christian culture and erect an atheist despotism coupled with increasing multi-ethnic particularism will produce an explosion that will tear this country apart. Secession and civil war are this nation's future. What the radical Left has built will come crashing down in ruins and there can be no serious attempt at restoration until the dust has settled--literally. This is not an occasion to mourn. Catholic doctrine teaches us that all the works of man are flawed and must eventually perish. In his book, The End of the Modern World, Romano Guardini exhorts us to find the opportunity to re-build Christian culture in the collapse of the post-Christian West. It will be a painful and hurculean labor but I believe it can be done. My outlook is thus fatalistic, tinged with a degree of hope. I welcome any and all comments on my apocalyptic delusions.

(3/8/02 9:22 am)
Re: a wasteland
There are certainly big problems. I agree the public political and moral culture is totalitarian and antihuman, and the tendencies that make it so are deeply rooted and extremely durable.

On the other hand, it's hard to know specifically how things will play out. Totalitarianism doesn't last, and in any case our version is a weak one that dislikes the use of power and feels compelled to hide it. In addition, no society can be wholly corrupt any more than a man can be wholly diseased. The sickest man is mostly healthy, and a society that altogether lacked the cardinal virtues wouldn't last a day. There is always a facade that makes the social order seem much more a monolith than in fact it is. In spite of our official ideology there is faith, hope and charity in America.

So what to do? We can't predict the future. It seems to me what we can do is live well ourselves, keep the things alive modern thought tries to suppress, and make use of the freedom we in fact have to raise issues in the minds of others and suggest alternatives to the current situation. On a slightly larger scale we may not be able to reform CBS, the NEA, or the mainline churches. Even so we can help publicize their flaws and replace them in our own lives with our own practices and institutions. Many people have already done so. The ways of doing things that correspond to human nature will win in the end. Since the details of how that will happen cannot be known in advance I think it's a mistake to assume the worst will happen.

Jim Kalb and

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