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(9/4/01 1:30 am)
Large Corporations and Novelty
There seems to be consensus among paleocons that big multi-national corporations must go. The usual lines of reasoning are that they have corrupting influence on government and are not particularly loyal to communities. They prefer small one location operations because they generally lack the resources to significantly influence government decisions and are loyal to the community. Extreme leftists have no use either of them for obvious reasons.

I think large multinational corporations are good in that they can prevent one industry from dominating the culture and economy (cotton in the antebellum South, Oil in the Middle East and early 20th century Oklahoma). They provide some incentive for local governments to lower taxes. They also standardize goods so that car you bought in Seattle isn't worthless when it breaks down in Florida. That certainly increases value for select items.

However, I think that most of them must go because they've turned novelty into a virtue. Small businesses don't try to create markets for novel products by relentless advertising. Big corporations do. The effects are going to be catastrophic. 50 years ago, if you told someone you we're going to take out a home equity loan to finance a Carribean Cruise - you would have been thought insane. Nowadays, hardly anyone bats an eye. People are so maddened by the lust for new and not-so-improved merchandise (bought with the new Visa(s) of course) that the average American family actually has negative savings (liquid assets < unsecured debt). Some people actually owe more in unsecured debt than their total net worth. Of course when people reach retirement age, they'll soon find that they have absolutely nothing. This will increase demand on big government to expand the world's largest ponzi scheme.

Worse still is that some men have turned the desire for all things new into a life philosophy. They reject a dignified existence with reasonable comfort. Their credo is "experience new things" which I find totally asinine. The desire for the novel is by definition never satisfied so any contribution to quality of life is short lived and costly.

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