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Unregistered User
(1/8/02 9:06 am)
It would be nice ...
From the Anti-Inclusiveness FAQ:


Isn't discrimination based on fear and hatred of "the other," and inability
to deal with difference?

Discrimination is simply associating by preference with people of one sort
rather than another, and so is not typically based on fear and hatred.
People who hire their relatives or join clubs for graduates of their own
colleges usually do not hate and fear non-relatives or alumni of other
colleges. Liberal professionals who make friends with other liberal
professionals rather than Republican used car salesmen may have no
particular negative feelings regarding the latter. It is unclear why
discrimination relating to ethnicity, religion, sex and lifestyle should be

That would be nice, if it were true. Do you not allow for more realistic
bases for discrimination?

The KKK can easily include a liberal professional and a Republican used car

Blessed be the tie that binds?

(1/8/02 9:17 am)
Re: It would be nice ...
I don't see anything unrealistic about the FAQ. The racial separation I see around me mostly has to do with birds of a feather flocking together. I don't disallow other things, wicked motives or whatever, I just don't see why their possibility should determine public policy.

I very much approve of ties that bind. It seems to me a mistake to try to abolish all such ties except the tie that binds together the human race as a whole. That attempt is what defines "inclusiveness," and it makes people more rather than less separate.

Jim Kalb and

Unregistered User
(1/8/02 12:22 pm)
Inquiring further
There was a time when the U.S. Armed Forces conscripted blacks to "fight for democracy." These blacks were poorly trained and given inferior weaponry. They fought in segregated units that were placed at greater mortal risk.

Public policy had to be aggressively resisted and changed. When President Truman signed Executive Order 99851 to integrate the military, it came after many lives had been unjustly lost.

The same injustice pervades the private sector today.

(1/9/02 8:02 am)
Re: It would be nice ...
During WWII there weren't many blacks in combat. What presence they had on the front lines was generally unwanted by commanders and viewed as a sop to civil rights leaders. (Source: So I think you've chosen the wrong complaint to make about the segregated army.

As to the private sector today, my impressions and experiences are radically different from yours. Consider this: bias against blacks in employment couldn't much hurt them, at least in an economy with many possible employers, unless it were quite pervasive. Otherwise blacks could simply work for unbiased institutions and enterprises, whose willingness to hire them would give them a competitive advantage. But if there is pervasive bias against blacks it is hard to understand the overwhelming support for civil rights laws, affirmative action and so on.

Jim Kalb and

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