Fascism bibliography, provided by Geoff Lupton

With respect to your inquiry regarding fascism, you will understand
that the literature in this area is enormous. One could go country by
country, especially with respect to Germany and Italy. There are also
general survey boooks on the various movements and fascism as an
ideology. Some works on the ideological origins of fascism are
available. More specific works focus on specific aspects of fascism
(culture, religion, race, social history, economics, etc.). All of
these could be considered relevant to an understanding of fascism and
could be included in the resource lists.

At this time, I can provide you with a list of the general survey works
on fascism that I have. If you wish me to provide sources for more
specific aspects (national studies, other certain aspects, etc.) let me

Three Faces of Fascism, by Ernst Nolte 
Varieties of Fascism, by Eugen Weber
Fascism, by Noel O'Sullivan
Fascism, by Martin Kitchen
Fascism, by Alan Cassels
Fascism, by Stanley Payne
Fascism: An Anthology, by Nathaniel Greene
International Fascism 1920-1945, by Walter Laquer and George Mosse (eds.)
The European Right, by Hans Rogger and Eugen Weber
The Rise of Fascism, by F.L. Carsten
European Fascism, by S.J. Woolf (ed.)
The Nature of Fascism, by S.J. Woolf (ed.)
Fascism in Western Europe 1900-45, by H.R. Kedward
Fascists and Conservatives, by Martin Blinkhorn (ed.)
The Nature of Fascism, by Roger Griffin
The Place of Fascism in European History, by Gilbert Allardyce (ed.)
Left and Right in 20th Century Europe, by David Smith
No Compromise: The Conflict Between Two Worlds, by Melvin Rader
The European Dictatorships, 1918-1945, by Stephen J. Lee
The Patriotic Traitors, by J. Littlejohn

This is a fairly complete list of the general works I have on fascism
from its classic era (i.e the interwar years in Europe). These works
look at the various movements across Europe up to 1945. I can provide
you with a list of books on postwar neo-fascism if you like (at least,
the ones I have).

Supplement on Spanish Falangism (not by Lupton):

Stanford) by Stanley G. Payne, who has recently written perhaps the
best survey of fascist history, entitled simply A HISTORY OF FASCISM.
Payne is by no means sympathetic but is reasonably objective and knows
his subject.

For more recent scholarship there is SPANISH FASCISM IN THE FRANCO ERA
by Sheelagh M. Ellwood (1987, St. Martin's Presss).

A collection of Jose Antonio's sayings entitled THE SPANISH ANSWER was
re-issued a few years back. It seems to be the only English source for
the Jefe's actual words. The 1st edition, issued in the early 60's by
the Franco government, is difficult to find.

More on Fascism (also not by Lupton):

Roger Eatwell, Fascism: A History (Penguin)

Zeev Sternhell, The Birth of Fascist Ideology: From Cultural Rebellion
to Political Revolution (Princeton)