Ten Conservative Books, from "Politics of Prudence", Russell Kirk.

	o "Reflections on the Revolution in France"	Edmund Burke

	o "Democracy in America"			Tocqueville

	o "American Democrat"				James Fenimore Cooper

	o "The American Republic"			Orestes Brownson

	o "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"		James Fitzjames Stephen

	o "Is Life Worth Living?"			W.H. Mallock

	o "Democracy and Leadership"			Irving Babbitt

	o "The Attack on Leviathan"			Donald Davidson
	  "Regionalism and Nationalism in the United States"

	o "Social Crisis of Our Time"			Wilhelm Roepke

	o "Notes Toward the Definition of Culture"	T.S. Eliot

Conservatism surveys, recommended by Kirk:

	"Conservatism: Dream and Reality."	Robert A. Nisbet

	"The Case for Conservatism"		Francis Graham Wilson

	"The Case for Conservatism"		Quintin Hogg

	"The Portable Conservative Reader"	Russell Kirk

	"The Conservative Mind"			Russell Kirk

Also mentioned:

	o "The Political Writings of John Adams"	George A. Peck

	o "A Disquisition on Government"		John C. Calhoun

	o "A Discourse on the Constitution"		John C. Calhoun

	o "The Idea of a Christian Society"		T.S. Eliot