From the 13th century Norwegian chronicle Kongespeilet (the "king's mirror"):
If years of famine get into the people, this is worse than years of famine in the land. A land can be helped, if it is on friendly terms with the neigbouring countries and competent men arrange for necessities of life to be supplied from them. But if years of famine get into the people, in respect of their customs, immense harm may be inflicted, since no one can buy customs or common sense from other countries, if that which previously existed in the country is destroyed or dissipated.

Most of the people get depressed as a result of the depressing message and they do not remember what was right or wrong. But you ought to know with certainty that this is not the true heritage of man; man was created to be a treasure in this world and the next. The question is only whether he wants to gain the heritage for which he was created.