The editorial following first appeared in the June, 1997 issue of THE
BARNES REVIEW, published bimonthly from 130 Third Street SE,
Washington, D.C. 20003 and was reprinted in the June 30, 1997 issue of


	Canute I, the Danish/Viking king of what was England 10
centuries ago, thought himself so powerful that he ordered the tide in
the River Thames to recede.

	He was unsuccessful, as no doubt rational observers predicted.

	So it is with our world-improvers today In order to impose
world government on the recalcitrant and unwilling masses of every
clime, race, nationality, language, religion and political persuasion
on this globe they reason they must first infect them with sort of a
societal HIV virus they have named "multiculturalism" before the world
comes down with the full-fledged and fatal AIDS of world government.

	By devising this word "multicultural," these self-important
intellectual poseurs believe they have invented something in addition
to the word itself, such as Irish minstrels invented leprechauns by
naming them.

	But multiculturalism is a made-up word for a condition which
can only exist fleetingly in historical terms, and which presages the
prompt extinction of culture. Indeed, it exists only in reports
produced in that tower of babble called the United Nations or other
less than-august assemblies of the hired international cognoscenti.

	Let us first discuss culture. Our dictionary defines it thusly:

	The integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior
that depends upon [and provides the foundation for-Ed.] man's capacity
for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations; the
customary beliefs, social reform and material traits of a racial,
religious or social group.

	What is defined here is the matrix upon which all human values
and progress depend, and without men would be an atomized group of
grunting savages living in perpetual squalor. It is culture and only
culture that gives men a foundation for life above animals.

	A culture-any culture-is the product of the history of a
group-any group-since before the memory of man. It is the sum total of
the group's


	It is all of the popular conclusions and prejudices and common
wisdom that have developed over the eons and which are embedded in the
group's consciousness: their mores and habits, their dos and don'ts.
The culture may include a potential for progress and human betterment,
or conversely, it may rigorously enforce the status quo, no matter how
debased or primitive it may appear to our liberals and
internationalists. It may be diseased and in the process of self
destruction, or vibrant and healthy (White culture may still possess
the germ of potential for betterment but it has become diseased and
corrupt, far surpassing Francis Parker Yockey's description 40 years
ago as merely "distorted.")

	Note the significant fact that a culture has to be tied to one
group. Culture is autochtonous and indigenous. It is intrinsic and not
extrinsic. It is verkrompe, not verligtes. It is a product of itself
and the group's experience. It can be nothing else.

	A culture requires its own language and can accept only limited
variations in the religious. It must have its own system of law or what
passes for law. Having developed from the genius of one particular race
it cannot tolerate integration with an alien race and its alien
culture. A culture must remain true to itself. It can accept only
limited intrusion without suffering fatal weakening.

	In other words, the very definition of culture excludes the
delusion of


	But just because in practice "multiculturalism" is only a
transitory condition of social deterioration does not exclude it as a
powerful movement no matter how artificial. Its power comes from the
top-from the mattoidal super-rich individuals and groups that have
established a strangle-hold over our lives and the ostensible direction
of the entire planet, a direction seemingly inevitably moving toward
the eventual establishment of monopoly control over all of the material
resources of the world and, of course, corresponding political control.

	Should the world-improvers and their backers continue to have
their way, the outlook is bright only for themselves, the super-rich
international plutocrats and their acolytes, but it is extremely dim
for everyone else. The planned "global plantation," with every one a
"field hand" except the rulers, is not a pretty goal; it is not what
the foolish "futurists" and their deluded disciples claim to see.

	Before that stage of human devolution is reached, there must be
a long journey through a world of horror. Few are willing to admit-most
perhaps can not even see-that America is already in the first stage of
multicultural anarchy.  Order and authority-natural and certain
accompaniments of any culture-are rapidly diminishing in America even
as governmental tyranny rapidly increases. Anarchy already reigns in
New York, Washington, Chicago and every other big city; it often is
literally fatal to walk the Negro sections in these and all other big
cities after dark and even in daylight, no matter how politically
incorrect it is to speak of this. But this anarchy can only expand
until it holds all America prisoner, and for many reasons.

	It is ironic and extremely hopeful that even as the world
plutocracy, determined to impose their New World Order of greed on the
people of the world, move forward armed with the force of virtually
unlimited money-not to mention every western government and the
press-the exact opposite is also happening. The day of the nation-state
is fast approaching eclipse. National and racial "separatist" movements
are everywhere, including in the United States. (In TBR of October 1996
author D.J. Stevens-Allen speculated about a future America politically
divided along ethnic lines; we recommend a rereading of this seminal

	One might see the events of today as the force of international
plutocracy against the will of humanity We need not point out that when
an irresistible force meets an immovable object the result is chaos.

	We pray that future historians will see today as the gestation
period of renewed cultures and progress, and not the forced thrusting
of mankind into the evil pit of an abortive multicultural experiment
certain to produce terrors on the way down which we can hardly imagine.

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