Welcome to the Traditionalist Sex and Gender Forum, a place for discussion of issues raised by the Antifeminism Page and the Sexual Morality FAQ, and anything else related to tradition and the relation between the sexes. As the pictures to the right and left suggest, there are a lot of possibilities. Let's hope we can get to the better rather than the worse ones! Your host is Jim Kalb. If the images suggest a man's point of view, the women will no doubt correct me - how could I understand these things otherwise? Questions, comments and debate are welcome!

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  gender roles 20 5/3/02 8:32 pm
by: BytheSkyLight
  is patriarchal structure good 1 5/2/02 5:39 am
by: JimKalb
  Gender issues in Education 6 4/8/02 4:50 pm
by: Ellen
bb smib
  Argument against legalized prostitution. 3 4/4/02 10:55 pm
by: JasonEubanks
  Feminism in Islam and Christianity 8 5/8/01 8:01 am
by: JimKalb
  Comments on the pictures? 5 4/14/01 5:49 pm
by: JimKalb

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